Samsung Bounces Back Nicely With the Galaxy S8

The year 2016 can be described as a Black Friday in the history of Samsung. It is a year the company cannot forget so easily. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was like a nightmare because of the various explosions that resulted from the battery of the device. Airlines had to ban the use of the device in their facilities.

This was a serious blow on the company and it really affected their reputation and sales. The company had to recall all Galaxy Note 7 in a very responsible way, and they also developed a software update that blocked the device virtually. The question people asked was how will the electronics guru resurrect the image of this series and that of the company?

But between late 2016 and early 2017, there were reports that the company had started the process of redeeming their image and getting back from the shock. They investigated the cause of the explosion and rectified it to a reasonable extent. Reports have it that Samsung will commence the design and production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is to be released in 2017. asd

But prior till then they have released the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone with the hope that it will cure past evils and help them bounce back nicely. The newly released phone seems to have the appearance and specifications that could help them buy back their position in the technology market.

The phone is tall, slim shaped and can perfectly fit into your palms. It comes in 2 sizes- the Samsung Galaxy S8 which measures 5.8inches and the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus which measures 6.2inches. The image quality of the phone is wonderfully bright and extremely colorful.   The phone has the new Bixby digital assistant which is used for creating some positive feelings or vibes. The Bixby is accessed by simply pressing a button by the side of the phone.

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The Bixby have records of your appointments

The Bixby have records of your appointments, gives you weather report, and works well with other supported apps that are installed on your phone. The Bixby was designed by Samsung to also search by vision; this feature works with the phone camera’s app. With this feature, you can find anything you are looking for. It also has other search options.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is well secured as it has an iris scanner and a fingerprint sensor.

The device has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and a 4GB Random Access Memory. It has an IP68 waterproofing and a Type C USB plug-in. The internal storage of the phone is 64GB
The Smartphone is preloaded with about 40 different apps including Microsoft Office Suite, Skype, Whatsapp, emails and Facebook etc. The Smartphone is built to have a 12 MP back camera and 8MP front camera. The quality of the camera is just amazing. Typically it takes about 80 min for the phones to become fully charged. And since Samsung had learnt serious lessons from their experience with Samsung Note 7, they now take their batteries through a series of heavy checklist and test before sending it out into the market. So at it stands, all Samsung smartphones that are newly made are unarguably the safest in the market.

The Downsides
It has the aspect ratio for videos.  The screen ratio is 18.5 : 9 and this implies that not many video or app will fit on the phone. And also, Black bars can be seen on the sides of the screen. Another negative aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the fact that it comes at a price that may be fairly high than that of its competitor. The pack of Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a charger and an AKG headphone.
In Conclusion,
Samsung Galaxy S8 with its appearances features and quality has all that it takes to bring back Samsung on top of the electronics guru list. The Galaxy S8 is designed in such a way that it can compete with Google’s assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Thee downsides of the phone is not strong enough to reduce the maximum functionality of the phone. The phone is classy and cool for you pleasure.


What is the Vivo V5?

The Vivo V5 is an Android device manufactured by Vivo. Vivo is a technology company that was founded in 2009 in Dongguan, close to New Delhi the Indian Capital. Vivo Company is basically into the designs, development and manufacturing of smartphones, software, online apps and smartphone accessories.

The Reasons why you should get a Vivo V5

The Vivo V5 is a beautiful device and it is a newly launched smartphone that is also known as the “perfect Selfie”. It is an upgraded version of the Vivo V3. It is called the “perfect Selfie” because V5 is the world's first smartphone to develop a 20-megapixel front camera sensor and it is paired with a selfie flash.

Aside from the 20MP front camera, it also has a 13 megapixel back camera. The front camera alone works at the same capacity as a standard Sony digital camera. The camera has a “Moonlight Glow” flash otherwise known as selfie flash.

Our Features

The camera app software of Vivo V5 is the most recent camera software. It has a 6.0 Mode Face Beauty which is used to enhance the quality of pictures, remove flaws and edit the picture to look better. In addition to the powerful camera that the phone has, the manufacturer of the phone also included a 3.5mm audio jack, microphone, speakers and Micro-USB port to the phone.

Vivo V5 has a fingerprint sensor which is acclaimed to be exceedingly fast and precise. It unlocks the V5 in 0.2seconds.

The phone accommodates 2 SIM cards and it also has slot for memory card. The device has an internal storage size of 32GB. The device appearance of the device is lovely and cute; it has a 5.5 inch HD display curved Gorilla glass. The phone uses a 64 bit 1.5GHz octa-core Media Tek 6750 processor.

In addition to the Media Tek 6750 processor, a 4GB RAM is also added to increase its processing speed.

The Flaws Associated with Vivo V5’s

The battery capacity of Vivo V5 is 3000mAH. And the version of android on it is the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow interface. The device is also preloaded with a lot of useful apps. The phone comes with a brand new feature known as Smart Screen Split; this feature allows you to use two apps at the same time. That’s amazing!! Within the pack of the phone is found a headset that has microphone and remote, a charger, data cable, a screen guard and a case protector. The Vivo V5 phone was launched only in 2 colours – grey and gold.

Although there are more advantages and benefit gained from using the phone, but there are yet some few flaws that you need to know about the phone so that you won’t find it disappointing. The Phone is not enabled to have timely operating system updates; so if you are the kind that loves getting timely operating system updates, this phone is not for you.

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