Samsung Bounces Back Nicely With the Galaxy S8

The default operating system that comes with the phone is known as FunTouch, so there is high tendency that you might not like it. Since it is different from the one you are used to. Vivo V5 was manufactured using android 6.0 while Google has released the higher version of Android known as Nougat 7.0.

The downside of this is that the version of operating system or software that comes with the Vivo V5 is what you will use on the phone for as long as you have the phone. You can’t update it


As we interact and review the device with some of its users, we discovered that the phone has no lags or hiccups, and their experience generally was seamless. The smartphone offers a good camera, a premium feel, with decent specifications. And despite all these, the price of the phone is fair and affordable.

The specification of Vivo V5 makes it to be in strong competition with other phone make of similar specifications like Gionee S6s and Oppo F1s. Both Gionee S6s and Oppo f1s fall within the same price bracket in the market while Vivo V5’s price falls below that of their competitors. Gionee S6 has front camera flash like Vivo V5 but the Oppo F1does not have.

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