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Showbox official Kodi addon - How to Add Showbox to Kodi?

Showbox is a wonderful application which is used to stream any type of entertainment and infotainment video, like movies, songs, documentary, etc. This is really a lifesaver for everyone out there, as this is completely free, at least for the basic service which is more than enough for everyone and it is available for all the devices and on whatever platform you are in. Kodi is another interesting application which everyone knows, everyone who owns a smart television in their home, they will surely use Kodi or must have come across the name at least one time in their smart television experience. It is an all in one application for the smart TV users to have everything from the internet to the television.

So, by now you can imagine the power of both working together in a smart television, that’s all the things you need from the social network, mail to the movies and TV shows everything right at your television and everything organized in one place. Actually, both are Android applications and there is only one way to add Showbox on Kodi, it is by using the Showbox official Kodi addon, which connects your Showbox application account with the Kodi account and both together is a gem!

Features of Showbox (on Kodi) - You Need to Know Everything:

The features of both the application and the add are great and both combined together will have a lot more features to play with, some of the main ones are mentioned below:

Steps to add Showbox to Kodi:

First of all, make sure that your smart TV is up to date and then install Kodi on your smart TV and open it create an account and make sure that everything is fine.

After that, just move on to add add-ons page on the Kodi application and locate the search bar on the top right corner of your screen and type “Showbox”, now you will find the official Showbox add-on which you can directly install in your Kodi application.

Now you will have all the settings and the application and addon, configured perfectly to work, that’s it, if you have followed all the steps mentioned above correctly, then you will have the Showbox on Kodi working great.

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